The Case for a Vegan World

The use of non-human animals to supply other materials used by humans causes suffering

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  1. The use of Animals as a source of dyes, fabrics (leather, silk and fur), cosmetics, soaps, status symbols and ornaments.
  2. The use of Animals as a source of drug substance.
    1. Premarin
    2. Animal parts for Traditional Chinese Medicine
  3. The use of animals as a source of material for nutrient media in the biotechnology industry
    1. Gall
    2. Bile Salts
    3. Gelatine
    4. Bovine Foetal Serum
    5. Taurine Crystals
  4. The use of Animals as a source of material for xenotransplantation



References for the ArgumentsEdit

References for the ObjectionsEdit

Examples and AnecdotesEdit

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