Monday, August 9th at 8am the doors open at Karma, 48 Main Street, Northampton, MA. Co-owners Chef Brian and Coree Aussant have created Karma as a support for Coree's mother Diane, who is in remission from cancer. In addition to traditional treatment for her illness Diane attended the Hippocrates Institute to help her recover from the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Diane changed her diet and her way of life. However, as we all know it is a challenge to maintain these changes in our culture. Chef Brian and Coree's goal at Karma is to motivate and educate people to discover that a natural organic lifestyle can help heal ailments and provide a better way of life. Karma provides a place for individuals whose interests lie within helping themselves, others and the environment to connect.

Chef Aussant has sold a successful restaurant and opened Karma. He has been enjoying preparing raw vegan food for three years. He has experienced what it is to cleanse toxins from his old lifestyle out of his body. Now vibrant and in extreme health, Chef Brian will be teaching Living Food Classes in his teaching kitchen. His enthusiasm is contageous. He creates foods of the season using locally grown produce. Constantly innovating and discovering new food pairings, you can rest assured that you will taste the difference. Not only a feast for the palate but a feast for the eyes, each dish is beautifully platted.

For locals on the run, there is a grab and go selection in the deli cases at the juice bar. Entrees, soups, salads, noodles and deserts to satisfy you during your busy day. The juice/elixer/tea bar offers a selection of organic green drinks, wheat grass shots, crystal energy water, nut mylks, smoothies, add-ins such as acaia powder, digestive enzymes, hemp seeds, maca and spirulina, to name a few.

This fall Chef Brian will be teaching Living Arts classes in his teaching kitchen. A full selection of raw cuisine books, food supplies, equipment, clothing and supplements are in the Company Store on the second floor. Check the website for class listings.

The Wellness Learning Center on the third floor offers Events and Classes, two spa rooms and an infra-red sauna. This is a place for support groups to meet, yoga, qi gong, tai chi and yoga for children. Threapists who practice a wide variety of techniques will provide a nourishing respit. The center will be having its grand opeing this fall, Satruday, September 18th. Event listings will be on the website

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