This restaurant is part of the Shanghai-based Jujube Tree Chinese vegetarian restaurant chain.

Its Ningbo address is:

  • 宁波市海曙区柳汀街16号1—2楼 ( 逸夫剧院柏兰中心内 )

No.16 Liuting Street, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Tel: 0574—87301333

Good Earth Vegetarian Restaurant 好地缘素菜斋 8 Gongyuan Lu 鼓楼公园路8号 Tel: 0574-8725-5495

Fa Yin Vegetarian 法音素食 47-1 Wen Chang Jie 文昌街47-1号 Tel: 133-9667-0233

Lotus Vegetarian 莲花素菜馆 175 Baizhang Lu 百丈路175号 Tel: 0574-8737-1542

Jingxin Vegetarian 静心素食馆 179 Baizhang Dong Lu 百丈东路179号 Tel: 0574-8733-2296

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