Vegetarian diets are for the most part free of negative cholestorol, saturated fats, plus the general karma associated with animal consumption.

Vegetarian diets allow for existence that is not sustained through violence against other conscious entities entities, such as fish, birds, mammals and reptiles.


  1. If you think that animal suffering is undesirable, then participating in its continuation will damage your mental health
    1. Positive Psychology shows us that certain measures result in increases in human happiness. These include: Living in according to your values. Vegans do this with respect to diet and use of animal products
  2. Vegetarians are happier than non-vegetarians
    1. Vegans in a community where veganism is valued, get respect from peers, which is another contributor to happiness
  3. A meatless diet is cleansing to the body, which leads to mental clarity and peace



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