1. Archaeological evidence of diet in human ancestors points to a largely vegetarian diet
    1. Intestine Length and Structure
    2. Stomach Acid PH
    3. Lack of claws and long teeth
  2. Absorption of nutrients in our intestine points to a largely frugivorous diet
  3. Convention does not justify ongoing societal support.
    1. Our species has the abilty to direct the development of society towards healthier, less painful and more environmentally and economically sustainable directions. Examples of reforms in the past include changes in the status of slaves, women, violence, hierarchy and wealth distribution, justice.
    2. Naturalistic Fallacy is a scientific principle which requires that we not draw moral lessons from natural situations. Past behaviour of humans does not make immoral behaviour legitimate. Moral decisions must be taken against a moral framework, constructed through philosophy.
  4. Through simple observation, we can see that people can survive on diets ranging from strict vegan diets, to omnivorous diets. Just because it is naturally possible for humans to survive on a diet that includes some meat, doesn't mean that humans should eat meat. Humans can live healthy lives on a vegan diet; being vegan isn't "more natural" than eating meat either, but it is a more environmentally sustainable and more humane lifestyle choice.

Objections Brainwashed from birth Thats the problem. You know you shouldn't Kill But you always will Because you're Brainwashed from Birth to eat meat, Join the Army and kill both people and animals. The protein argument is a fallacy, there is plenty in grains and pulses.So Save the Planet and be VeganEdit

  1. Meat comes irregularly in large quantities, and drives our species to be social
  2. What about Canine Teeth

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After 40 years of being a Vegetarian and once a Macrobiotic/ Vegan we must look at why we are programmed to Kill both people and animals. Wars are the artificial construct of Multi-National Companies, whose modis operandi is to make a profit.

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I had a friend whose argument for eating meat (I was vegetarian at the time, she was omnivorous) was based on that we have evolved to be able to. I later found out that she became vegan before I did.--Holizz 18:50, 16 September 2007 (UTC)