Tofu, a lot like meat


  1. There is a huge variety of vegetarian food, some of which is bound to suit your taste
  2. Taste is largely culturally conditioned, and can be altered to suit the more beneficial foods
  3. There are many meat-substitute products available, with higher nutritional value and similar taste. They may already make up the majority of 'meat' products
  4. Many vegetarian alternative products contain the same spices (which provide the flavour) and therefore taste almost identical
  5. The taste of food is not as important as the other benefits to adopting a vegan diet
  6. The argument is identical to: "I want to have sex with this person who does not want to sleep with me, so I'm going to rape them". Some people might think that you shuold find people who want to sleep with you, so find some food that is not immoral to eat.


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