"Hindu's 'ideally' are vegetarians. The vegetarian Vedanta (Hindu) Society has centres in Australia (1). Yoga is not just a social activity but a basic part of Hindu culture. A medieval yoga manual (2) recommends 'grains, honey, milk, ghee, butter, Indian vegetables, and pure water...Modern dieticians would question some of these food categories"(3). So do many yoga practicioners who have abandoned the traditional yoga lacto-vegetarian diet for a vegan diet because of the cruelty in the dairy industry. The Ananda Marda Society is a vegetarian Hindu organisation. Hare Krishnas (members of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness) are all vegetarians. They serve free vegetarian meals, called feasts, every Sunday wherever they have a group anywhere in the world. 'It's a kind of open house. you come alone or with your family...It's no small-time snack. Devotees have spent all day - sometimes more - cooking wonderfully varied dishes.' (4) In needy areas, Hare Krishnas provide a vegetarian meal service throughout the week. 'Profuse distribution of prasadam, vegetarian food offered to Krsna, is integral to the Hare Krsna movement' (5).



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