1. 70% of target marine fish species are fished unsustainably. Commercial fishing has wiped out 90% of the world's large fish populations, according to scientists
  2. Deep sea species are now being targeted. Deep sea fishes live longer, grow slower, and have longer time period before becoming mature. Fishing of juveniles quickly depletes the species.
  3. Popular activity in Australia, estimated to be has high as 5 million people by the Normal review. It affects significant numbers of fish.



References for the ArgumentsEdit

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Examples and AnecdotesEdit

  1. Orange roughies are trawled because they gather around sea mounts. Fishing begain the 1980s, and the population levels are already down 80%. The species does not breed until they are 40 years old.
  2. 490 Tonnes of all species are taken in Port Philip Bay by recreational fishers, compared to 482 Tonnes of pilchard / sprat by commercial fishing