1. The uneaten food and fish waste from fish farms falls and spread disease. Bacteria living on the waste use up the oxygen, starving bottom dwellers.
  2. Antibiotics fed to fish are creating resistant strains of bacteria. More antibiotics are fed to farmed fish than any other farmed animal (by weight)
  3. Parasites can accumulate hugely in fish farms. One study shows that small native fish had fatal levels of infestation.
  4. Copper Sulphate is used in many fish farms to keep nets free of Algae. This collects below the nets, killing micro-organisms in the environment
  5. Farmed Salmon are only pink because they are fed Canthaxanthin, which has been shown to cause retinal damage in humans
  6. Farmed fish may increase the risk of cancer, because they have higher amounts of polychlorinated bi-phenyls and dioxins, ten times as much as wild salmon. These pollutants acculate in the fat, and are concentrated in fish oil.
  7. Fish farms can breed viruses out of control. In Canada, Fish Farms have had to destroy all fish after they were infected with henatopoientic necrosis, which attacks fish kidneys and spleens


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  3. Pesticides are used to control sea lice and other parasites. ENAMECTIN BENZOATE is an example.
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