Vegan ShoppingEdit

  • Viva (Granola) Vegan Store Online & In Store Shopping : Grocery items, baked goods, cruelty-free beauty products, clothes, books, cosmetics, etc.
  • Vegan Cuts - At Vegan Cuts, our goal is to make it fun and easy for our members to discover new vegan companies and shop vegan.
  • Vegans Love Lava




  • The Big Carrot
    • focus on organic produce
    • stocks milk and cheese products
    • stocks lactose, gluten free items
  • The Real Meal Cooking Classes
    • vegan cooking classes with an emphasis on comfort food

Kensington MarketEdit

  • Essence of Life
    • focus largely on vegan items
    • includes pet foods
  • Fressen
    • higher end vegan restaurant (CND$9+ per plate)
    • tapas-style dishes

Ottawa Edit

Sudbury Edit

Nova Scotia Edit

Halifax Edit

Québec Edit

Montréal Edit

BC Edit

Vancouver Island Edit

Vancouver Edit

Alberta Edit

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